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Restaurants/Food Service

As a restaurant and food service operator you know only too well that your customer's satisfaction is a measure of the experience you are creating for them. Having a memorable experience is what keeps your customers coming back and telling others about your great service, delicious meals and wonderful beverages.

Beverages can be highly complementary to the dining experience. Coffee and tea are no exception to this rule. A great cup of coffee with breakfast or a cool glass of ice tea during lunch can certainly leave a lasting impression.

At Crescendo we know that our restaurant and food service partners are faced with multiple challenges in ensuring that all of the necessary pieces in the consumer experience puzzle are working together well on a daily basis. Whether it's delivering a quality espresso drink at a single unit breakfast restaurant or consistent execution and replicable staff training at a regional multi unit fast casual chain, we are experienced in addressing these challenges and can complement your efforts to ensure that your beverage offerings keep your customers coming back.

Contract Manufacturing

It's all about your brand. Crescendo has been toll roasting coffee and supplying our customers with private label brands for many years. Our contract manufacturing program is focused on building collaborative partnerships and adding value to our customers by enhancing and complementing their capabilities.

We have the experience and expertise to fit your needs with customized solutions. This can be anything from branded packaging to custom designed, proprietary beverage programs. Our packaging facilities are highly flexible and allow us to handle a variety of packaging options including whole bean, filter and portion packs. Our three roasters can accommodate production programs of any size.

Let us extend your network of capabilities with our contract manufacturing program

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