Thinking beyond the bean

For a coffee roaster, it might initially seem unintuitive to focus on thinking beyond the bean. After all, the quality of coffee has long been viewed as the primary factor determining the perception of the coffee experience. We disagree! How the coffee is brewed, the equipment used, the way it is served, the environment it is served in - these are all factors that have a significant impact on the consumer experience.

At Crescendo we evaluate all of these factors through a structured framework which simplifies the process and focuses on delivering custom solutions centered around great experiences. Because we know that great experiences lead to satisfied and loyal consumers. Let Crescendo assist you in growing your business.


Let's face it. All of us have encountered the situation where the coffee or tea we ordered just simply didn't give us the experience we were seeking. Our coffee might have been cold, too bitter or simply took too long to be served. This happens independently of the quality of the coffee beans used. We know that a good experience is more than just the coffee or tea. The equipment used to brew, how it is serviced, how it is operated, the way the staff handles orders - these are just some examples of what we look for when designing a beverage experience. We have the capabilities and network to ensure all of those elements work seamlessly.


Whether we are looking at a restaurant, coffeehouse or convenience store, coffee and tea need to be brewed, poured and served to be enjoyed by the consumer. That is why a well-trained staff is crucial in delivering an exceptional consumer experience. Knowing what product they are serving, how to prepare and serve it are just some of the ways in which a food service operator can influence the desired consumer experience. Not to mention that highly trained and motivated staff can have a big impact on what consumers order. Let Crescendo assist you in shaping your team of beverage experts.

A cup of coffee is more than just good beans. It is an experience driven by a network.

We Are Passionate About: Creating best in class beverage experiences for customers

We Are Best At: Designing, building and coordinating end-to-end collaborative networks that deliver the consumer experience.

We Are Driven By: The need to adapt to the ever-changing tastes in the food and beverage marketplace.